Chamber Pot

A cream and blue ceramic chamber pot, with a blue pattern design – floral and lions pattern both rampart and passant. Social standing had a lot to do with the division between commissioned officers and the men. Toilet accommodation for the commissioned officer was in the quarter galleries adjoining the cabins in the stern. Presumably, they used chambers pots which were later emptied over the side of the ship. A similar chamber pot was found in an excavation of an officer’s quarter in Southsea. Sanitary arrangements of 18th Century warship appear revolting to the modern mind. Even though disposal of waste was quite easy at sea for it could simply be discharged over the side, the hygienic aspect contributed much to the high rate of deaths from disease. It was estimated that deaths were high with 1 in 7 seamen dying.
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Object Detail

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Length: 222mm
Diameter: 180mm (7 1/16")
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