Sandglass, 28 seconds

Object Detail

About This Object
A whole Sandglass – 28 seconds. Circular top and base with four vertical supporting columns. Whipping and glass intact. Sand present but stuck in lower glass section. Top decorated with four circles and Broad Arrow.

A sandglass was a method of keeping time at sea. It was an important aid to navigation as it would help the crew work out how long they had been travelling on a particular course. The 28-second duration sandglasses were called ‘long’ duration sandglasses, they were used for measuring a ship’s speed in conjunction with a log line. The circular ends are all made of turned oak marked with a large broad arrow. The vertical posts are made of pine. The two bowls are separated by a brass control disc with a small central hole and bound together with a sail maker’s whipping.
Catalogue Number
Length: 124mm
Diameter: 62mm (2 7/16")
Weight: (0.11kg)
Production Date
Pre 1758
Production Period
Eighteenth Century