Shroud Truck

Object Detail

About This Object
A shroud truck made of elm.Turned wooden object light brown in colour. One hole (35mm in diameter) through centre. Two equally spaced grooves turned around circumference one large (32mm) groove cut down one side. Natural wood graining visible on all surfaces. Four carved rings around circumference interleaved with two equally spaced grooves mentioned earlier.

Shroud trucks, sometimes called a seizing truck, were seized or tied to the shroud ropes using the two parallel grooves cut around their circumference. In this position they would serve as the guide for small to medium sized running lines, which would simply be pushed down through the middle hole. Short, cylindrical pieces of Elm, shroud trucks were produced by turning the wood on a lathe. A hole was then drilled through the middle lengthways, a groove cut vertically down one side the size of the shroud rope to which it would be tied and then two further parallel grooves cut horizontally around the middle of the truck. This particular object is one of 95 shroud trucks recovered from the wreck of HMS Invincible.
Catalogue Number
Height: 94mm
Diameter: 77mm (3 1/16")
Production Date
Pre 1758
Production Period
Eighteenth Century
Pre 1758