Parrel Rib

Object Detail

About This Object
A triple parrel rib with a broad arrow stamped onto it. Dark Brown in colour.
Parrel ribs are lengths of wood which separate the parrel trucks. Parrel ribs formed part of a parrel set which was a collar that held the yard (supporting a sail) against the mast. It allowed the yard to be raised or lowered or turned to the wind. It was made up from “trucks” and “ribs”. There are ribs for two or three rows of trucks, and they also have holes in them so that the parrel ropes run through both the trucks and the ribs. Each assembly would use up to 16 trucks and between six and nine ribs.
Catalogue Number
Length: 760mm
Width: 55mm
Height: 115mm
Production Date
Pre 1758
Production Period
Eighteenth Century