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This leather cap has a brass button attached to the top, the stitching around its rim shows that it would probably have had a peak attached. (A leather cap peak that may have matched was recovered from the Invincible on a separate occasion). Whilst leather caps were once specified on naval slop lists, it seems that they had gone out of favour by the time the Invincible sailed. It is likely then that a hat of this style was intended as protective headgear for use in military action. On HMS Invincible the 2nd battalion of the 37th regiment were serving as marines, they were present to maintain security and order on board and serve as infantry once landed. Leather infantry caps of this period were tight fitting skull caps with upright peaks, some caps were embellished with regimental insignia. Unless they were on sentry duty or parade on deck the marines would have kept their uniforms stored and worn sailors slop clothes whilst on board.
Catalogue Number
Height: 140mm
Width: 214mm
Depth: 445mm (17 1/2")
Production Date
Pre 1758
Production Period
Eighteenth Century